Jeffrey Edward Peters

Write a Graphic Novel in 5 Simple Steps

Comic books, also called “sequential art” or “graphic storytelling,” are currently a billion-dollar industry. Books of sequential art, popularly known as graphic novels, fill bookstores and libraries all over the world. In WRITE A GRAPHIC NOVEL IN 5 SIMPLE STEPS, author Jeffrey Edward Peters shows young, aspiring writers how to create new universes of their own through the unique combination of words and pictures that make a graphic novel.
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    Men and women working in the professional world of comics have lifelong careers doing what they love, combining words and pictures to tell stories and share ideas.
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    irby created the Fantastic Fo
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    For standard comic books, generally speaking, every eight pages has a plot twist, and every twenty-four pages (the length of a standard comic-book story), has a major cliff-hanger ending

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