David Ross

Awa' an' Bile Yer Heid

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'A pleasingly vulgar book' — Sunday Herald

'Just buy the book and gie yer greetin face a treat' — Scots Magazine

David Ross has produced an extraordinary, eclectic and hilarious collection of thematically arranged Scottish insults, abuse and invective which has been wonderfully illustrated throughout by Rupert Besley. The best insults, according to the author, occupy an indefinite space between wit and abuse, containing elements of both to varying degree; they must always sting the victim, or else they are a failure. This book is full of rich and expressive examples of insult and invective for all occasions from all over Scotland. These have been passed down through the centuries or have emerged in modern times, proving that clever insults are infinitely more amusing and memorable than good jokes.

And so, happy reading. If you don't like it, awa' an' bile yer heid!
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