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Mom's Birthday Surprise

Maggie Douglas hasn't been laid in weeks, she's going through a bitter divorce, and she turns forty in a couple of weeks. Lucky for her she has a loving son. Tom isn't about to let her sink into a cloud of depression. And when circumstances conspire, and Maggie and Tom start to see each other as man and woman, rather than as mother and son, Maggie finds out that life begins at forty. Because on her birthday, she discovers that her son has a surprise for her, and it's a big one!

PG Excerpt ~~~~~

“Listen, Mom,” he said, holding her hands. She returned his grip, staring into his eyes. “You don’t have blond hair or big boobs. And yes, a lot of women have better figures than you do.
“And I don’t care. I don’t give a damn for what you’re not. I only care about what you are.“And what you are is a wonderful woman. So you’re not a Playboy centerfold. So what? Do you think I’m going to be on the cover of Esquire anytime soon? You’ve got great legs and an amazing butt and I love your hair and your face and you’re smart and funny…and…and you deserve a hell of a lot better than that prick who made you miserable for so long.”“And?”“And I love you,” he said, realizing that it was true. “I love you so much, Mom. I want you to be happy.”She rocked back, her eyes meeting his, searching his very soul.“You can make me happy, Tom. All you have to do is one little thing.”“What?” His mouth was dry, his voice a harsh rasp.Her hand settled, very gently, on his groin.“Well. Maybe not so little after all.”
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