Leonie McKeon

Tame the Tiger

With over three decades of experience as a China-Educated Strategist and business owner, Leonie McKeon has helped hundreds of business owners and executives understand how to do business with Chinese people and to be better negotiators.
Based on The Art of War, Leonie shares her deep understanding of the 36 Strategies used in Chinese culture and business. She provides invaluable practical tips for any business person looking to improve their overall negotiation skills, as well as become better negotiators in China.
More Control, More Success, More Wins!
Tame the Tiger: Negotiating from a position of power contains ancient Chinese negotiation secrets that are part of everyday Chinese business practices. Discover how you too can use this ancient wisdom so you can have More Control, More Success, More Wins!

• Understand the rules of the game of negotiation
• Become a great negotiator anywhere, any time
• Learn how to respond when Chinese negotiation tactics are used on you
• Master the ancient secrets of negotiation so you remain in control
• Implement culturally appropriate strategies for doing business in China
• Avoid the traps of classic Chinese negotiation strategies
• Take more control of every negotiation
• Get more success in business
• Win more in business
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