Aleister Crowley


The whole question has been worked out and organized by wise men of old; they have made a Science of Life complete and perfect; and they have given to it the name of MAGICK. The old spelling MAGICK has been adopted throughout in order to distinguish the Science of the Magi from all its counterfeits. It is the chief secret of the Ancients, and if the keys have never been actually lost, they have certainly been little used. The holders of those keys have always kept very quiet about it. This has been especially necessary in Europe, because of the dominance of persecuting churches. We shall consider a simple form of magick, harmonized from many systems old and new, describing the various weapons of the Magician and the furniture of his temple. We shall explain to what each really corresponds, and discuss the construction and the use of everything. The Magician works in a Temple; the Universe, which is (be it remembered!) conterminous with himself.
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    There is no limit to what theologians call "wickedness." Only by experience can the student discover the ingenuity of the mind in trying to escape from control.
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    All without does not exist for you.
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    He no longer wanders about aimlessly in the world.

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