Gini Graham Scott

Sell Your Way to Success on Shopify

SELL YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS ON SHOPIFY features the basic steps to setting up a Shopify store and successfully marketing and promoting your products to increase your sales.  The book covers these basic steps to selling:
— Developing Your Store Idea
— Getting Started on Shopify
— Selling Your Own Products
— Finding Other Products to Sell
— Choosing a Theme
— Finding Photographs of Your Products
— Organizing Your Products into Collections
— Getting Payments and Shipping
— Adding Appropriate Apps
— Creating Coupon and Discount Codes
— Setting Up Sales Channels and Advertising Your Store
— Planning Your Strategy
The book includes over 250 full-color screen shots from Shopify stores and apps to guide you through the process.   .  It draws on the author’s experience in creating and promoting her own Shopify store.
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