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Foster Classroom Questions

Foster Classroom Questions is a teacher's resource intended for use in lesson planning, and in the classroom. It contains 112 questions to provoke student engagement and personal response while studying Claire Keegan's novel.

Why choose to study Foster by Claire Keegan?

Themes of family, relationships, loneliness, identity and loss.
The setting of the Irish countryside.
Engaging narration of the girl.
Beautifully written.

Scene by Scene guides are teaching resources. They are short books of questions, designed to save teachers time and lead to rewarding classroom experiences. Each guide is broken down by scene or chapter, to match and complement the text it accompanies. This means that the teacher is provided with a clear list of questions, at every stage of teaching the text. These questions can be used in class, or as homework, and so provide underlying structure to lesson planning.

Classroom Questions teaching guides contain both closed, comprehension testing questions, and open, higher order questions, exploring student response, opinion and analysis. Closed questions can be used to check understanding and make sure students are on-task, while open questions promote thinking and reflection. In this way, Scene by Scene Classroom Questions keep students engaged with and focused on the text, and involved in classroom discussion.
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