Chase Andrews

Meditate Your Way to Success

Most entrepreneurs and people in business misunderstand the purpose and power of meditation and how it complements and energizes business leaders.

It is often thought that meditation is a tool to relax, a tool to rid unwanted stress and a means to dilute energies that activate the mind. All that is mostly untrue.

Meditation is not just about seeking serenity and harmony. It is not about donning a veil of peace and relinquishing confrontational means. It is not just about contemplating the higher truths and the philosophical meaning of life. 
Meditation is about empowering your physical presence with the powers of the universe.

It's about becoming the force of attraction instead of merely learning the laws of attraction.

It is about seeking and uniting the divine energy within you so that you may leap forward and make your inspiration take form and take flight.

Meditation is both the object and the subject of silence; it is the nexus of the universe and the energy that binds it. Energies flow in waves and transmit in vibrations. How you vibrate is more important than the words you chose.

Meditation gives you a path to the right vibration and is best taken when the mind is disciplined and silent. Words and ideas that echo in the head are mere distractions that mindfulness and focus need to arrest.

Meditation is the single most important discipline you need if you want to conquer your destiny.

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