Instant Creativity

How to Be Creative Instantly!

Having problem coming up with great ideas? Struggling with thinking of solutions to problems keeping you awake all night? Feeling stuck with forever trying to find your muse for the next big thing in your magnum opus?

What you need is a sudden jolt boost of creativity to get your creative juice flowing and going.

“But, but, I'm not creative,” you say? Hogwash! All of us have the capacity for creativity and to be creative.

Remember when you were a kid when you had tireless energy for curiosity and creativity that adults had to hush you up for your endless crazy ideas and boundless imagination, with their hearts being in the right place to get you to direct your creativity more effectively and realistically…but at the same time restricting it.

Now as adults ourselves, we have become more monotonous by life and less active with our creative minds, burdened with responsibilities one would expect from being a grown-up — i.e., work, pay the bills, take care of family, etc. — that when it comes time needing to be creative, we feel like our creativity is no longer there.

Well, newsflash, creativity is always there. Whenever you're not feeling creative at a particular point, it is blocked and you only need to find that right spark of inspiration to let it out again.

Did you know you could channel your creativity at will?

Creativity may come from within, but it can be triggered via external stimuli like movements and sensations, such as sights and sounds…for how often have you listened to a certain music for inspiration or gotten it from simply glancing out at nature?

Within “Instant Creativity”:

* How to apply science to hack creativity through physical movements to easily force yourself to get creative whenever you need to at a snap.

* How to speed up creative thinking before tackling any real-world creative endeavor to effortlessly generate many ingenious creative ideas.

* How to handle unexpected problems using the “creative what-if visualization” for assisting the creative process to come up with instant solutions.

* How to use the “DEEP Method” to find hidden inspirations within your immediate surrounding regardless how mundane it is for creativity.

* How to develop and maintain long-lasting creativity by following a famous Japanese company's acronym of “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano.”

* Plus, custom practical “how-to” strategies, techniques, applications and exercises on how to be more creative.

…and much more.

«Instant Creativity» will give you that kick you need — and no, we're not talking about drugs but it's the next closet thing to actually drinking healthy creative juice, if such thing exists :) — to jumpstart you into creative hyperdrive.

Unclog your creative juice, and unlock your creativity waiting to be unleashed now!
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