Kendra James

The Secret in Cleaning Your House Fast: Speed Cleaning Techniques Only Few People Know

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Do you want to know how to clean your house a LOT faster and a LOT more effective?
Or you want to clean your house half the time?
Today, the world is moving even faster, nobody has the time to clean their house and most people don't have the extra money to hire professional cleaners. This book strive to solve that problem.

Here in this book, I'll teach you the speed cleaing secrets and techniques, including:
-essential items in your checklist
-how to pick the right cleaning tools and solutions
-the secret cleaning techniques that will clean your house in record time
-different strategies for different room; kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom, living rom, etc -secret way to organize your house
-what to wear during cleaning day – this will drastically improve your performance
-how to avoid the usual mistakes in cleaning your house
-and many other tips, tricks and strategies

Change your old cleaning way and master the art of speed cleaning with this book
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