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Passive Income

Do you already know there's more to life than your boring 9–5 job? But you don't know how to get started to maximize your earning potential.

Passive Income is your answer. Read below.
This book aims to show people how to invest in passive income as a way of making more money and meeting our demanding day to day expenses. The typical salaried job has limited our ability to make it in life by failing to see what really matters and the potential that lies inside us. Being stuck behind a desk in a cubicle with your superiors breathing over your neck to deliver results that they expect, is not a fun thing to do. If the job you are doing is not your passion and you are doing it because of the needs you must meet, you might end up with depression. This book aims at changing this misguided life perspective and emphasizing passive income as a way to complement your salaried job or better become a full-time commitment. 
The book lists all the most prominent passive income sources, with a description of how they work and why each one is great. It also gives you tips on how to get started on each of them, and how to avoid the common pitfalls that people take when they get started on their journey towards freedom!!

Here's a List of What You'll Learn

Tips to Choose Your Passive Income SourcePitfalls to Avoid while pursuing your DreamRental IncomeIncome from EbooksAmazon FBAPeer to Peer LendingAffiliate MarketingOnline Courses

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