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Conversations With Wall Street

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A rare behind-the-scenes look at how Wall Street makes money. The book answers questions people affected by the financial crisis have been waiting for like how the system works and how to fix it in easy to understand language. Confidential conversations reveal what went wrong with the mortgage market and what needs to change from insiders themselves. The book bridges the gap between Main Street and Wall Street and outlines practical solutions for the future.Peter Ressler is the CEO of a premier Wall Street executive search firm RMG Search in New York and an expert on Wall Street human Capital with 30 years experience as a talent broker for the top investment banks and hedge funds including Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns. Peter is an internationally renowned speaker on Business Ethics and value-based leadership. He holds a degree in business from Cornell. Monika Mitchell is the CEO of Good Business InternationalTM Inc. in New York, a new media company dedicated to socially sustainable business and named by the Washington Post Leadership Playlist as â€œStandout Company of the Year†in 2010. Monika is an acclaimed leader on â€œbetter world business†& women’s empowerment. She pens the popular Economy of TrustTM blog. Monika was COO of Wall Street recruiting firm RMG Search for 12 years.
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