Erich Fromm

For the Love of Life

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This poignant philosophy about the human capacity for love in the face of tragedy from the New York Times–bestselling author is as relevant today as it was when it was first broadcast.
Transcribed from a series of recorded conversations streamed over German public radio in 1970, the profound ideas and thoughts collected in this volume represent a lifetime of the renowned psychoanalyst and social philosopher’s explorations into human emotion and behavior throughout the twentieth century.
Insightful and provocative, Erich Fromm meditates on the preoccupations that drive human action or inaction, interweaving related ideas from such profound thinkers as Sigmund Freud, Albert Camus, and Karl Marx. Here, Fromm recognizes the links between rising contemptuous boredom and overwhelming overabundance. He unravels the confusing mysteries of religious doctrines by examining the causes and motives behind our aggressive tendencies and revealing how dreams connect us all as a universal language. Fromm’s perspective offers a vivid portrait of our ever-evolving social history and the difficulty of experiencing personal growth in a world driven by “manufactured needs.”
Despite all of modern life’s trials, For the Love of Life celebrates Fromm’s belief in the human spirit to rise above tragedy and trauma through the bonds of family, friendship, and the transcendent power of love.
Includes a preface by Hans Jürgen Schultz.
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