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Jessica Day George

Wednesdays in the Tower

A magical moving castle sky-high with secrets! Everyone knows Castle Glower only really comes to life on a Tuesday. So when Princess Celie spies a new turret on a Wednesday, she is certain something isn't right. Inside the tower is hidden a giant egg, and it seems the castle wants Celie to look after it! Caring for this extraordinary new pet is going to be very tricky, especially once Celie and her siblings realise what else the Castle is hiding … This New York Times bestseller and egg-citing sequel to the enchanting adventure Tuesdays at the Castle is out of this world!
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    her into the schoolroom, “it’s Wednesday.”


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    hand, wanting to knock on the shell. She imagined it would be cold and very hard, petrified from years of sitting in an open room.
    But it wasn’t cold. It was hot, almost too hot to touch comfortably.
    Celie snatched her hand back and ran for the door. She hurried through the archway and down the shallow steps. In the corridor leading to the staircase there were several enormous tapestries, but she didn’t stop to look at the details. She went back down the spiral steps and lurched to a confused halt on the next landing down.
    Directly across from her was the schoolroom, just as it always was. But for as long as she could remember, the schoolroom had been at the top of the spiral stairs, not halfway down. Hadn’t it?
    “Princess Cecelia!” Master Humphries came to the door of the schoolroom, looking impatient. “Where have you been? You are a quarter of an hour late!”
    “I went up the stairs, but there’s a new corridor there,” Celie said. She pointed upwards.
    “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Master Humphries said, frowning. “Please come in, Your Highness. It is better that we begin late than not at all.”
    “But I think I should tell my brother,” Celie said. “There’s an egg –”
    “An egg?” Master Humphries raised his eyebrows. “I am sure that Prince Bran can find eggs in the kitchen, if he is so inclined, for breakfast,” her tutor said curtly.
    “No, up there,” Celie said, pointing again.
    “There is nothing up there, Your Highness,” Master Humphries said. He sighed. “Please do not use the Castle as an excuse. You of all people should be able to find your way around the Castle’s vagaries in a timely fashion.”
    “But look!” Celie pointed more emphatically, looking up herself.
    There was nothing above her but a smooth, grey stone ceiling. She felt a moment of dizziness as she discovered that she was now standing on the top step of the spiral staircase. The rest of the steps she had just come down, and the corridor above where she had found the tower and the egg, were gone.
    “There was a new corridor,” Celie said faintly. “And a tower with no ceiling. A nest. And an egg.”
    “But, Your Highness,” Master Humphries said, taking her by the arm to lead
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    She flipped open the leather satchel slung over her shoulder and pulled out her atlas, a detailed set of maps that she had been working on for years. At last she was nearly done with it and had already talked to some of the Castle scribes about making copies for her family, but she wanted to get the latest changes in first. It helped that the Castle had not taken away any rooms in at least a month, though it had added a few rather interesting ones (including a second, smaller kitchen and the Armour Gallery) and moved several others. Celie’s room seemed to be permanently fixed on the eastern side of the main hall, but Bran’s room was now right next to it, and Lilah’s was just beyond that, which made Lilah pout: she had previously been on an upper level with fantastic views from both windows.
    Celie flipped through her collection of maps, but couldn’t find anything that resembled this corridor. There were no doors along it, and the schoolroom was just gone, as was the old nursery. No one had used the nursery in years, of course, but they had stored their old toys and outgrown clothes in it. Celie found that map and crossed out the nursery, then put a question mark beside the schoolroom before hurrying along the corridor. She needed to find the schoolroom, both to correct her maps and to get to her lessons before Master Humphries had a fit.
    At the end of the corridor was a wide flight of shallow steps. Celie could feel chill air moving down the stairs, as if a window at the top had been left open. Like many of the stairs in the Castle, these were oddly proportioned. Celie almost needed to take two steps on each riser, but they were only a few inches high, and it was awkward. Fortunately there were only eight of them, and then she was stepping through a stone arch into a circular room with no roof.
    The pale late-winter sun was shining down into the open room, and Celie stumbled as she walked forward, staring up at the thin wisps of clouds. The floor of the room sloped towards the middle like a bowl. In the middle of the bowl was a nest of moss and twigs, and in the middle of the nest was a gleaming orange egg. It was the same orange as a ripe pumpkin, and just as big as one. Celie gaped at it.
    “Is that really an egg?”
    Icy wind whipped through the uncovered windows and carried her words away. She took some careful steps forward and leaned over. She reached out a

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