Harry Reynolds,Elizabeth H. Reynolds

How Can I Be An Effective Teacher

How can you be an effective teacher? What do you need to know? Teaching is one of the most demanding career fields one can choose, yet it is the most rewarding profession!
This book was written to be an inspiration to teachers and school district leaders. On your path to becoming a successful new teacher, you will have many questions and concerns. By developing strong teacher-mentor relationships, new teachers can feel confident in their core abilities and behaviors. Within the book, Bright Light Ideas are included to be used as great tools and teaching tips that have been successful over the years.
As a teacher, you do not function alone. Allow this book to be your guide to develop your own New Teacher Network Mentoring program.   Developing a New Teacher Network Mentoring Program builds a supportive, contextual environment for new teachers. Not surprisingly, mentor programs like this have a positive relationship with reducing teacher turnover. That alone makes the New Teacher Network Mentoring program worthwhile.
The book provides encouragement, support and the confidence needed to weather any challenge and assist with any new teacher in their development into a great teacher!
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