Danice Allen

Remember Me

A woman drawn into her family’s past. A man desperate to avoid his future. A Regency romance of deception and desire from the author of Beloved Rivals.
Out on a daring rescue mission, Amanda Darlington feels duty-bound to care for an unconscious gentleman after he stumbles drunkenly into the path of her carriage. Aware of the dangers in nursing a potential scoundrel back to health, she nevertheless takes a chance on the handsome stranger—especially when he awakens with no memory.
When Jackson Montgomery comes to, he is greeted by a vision of beauty that instantly sparks the fire of passion within him. But as his memory returns, the shattering secrets hidden in his past threaten to destroy any chance he has of winning Amanda’s love. Only through feigned amnesia can Jackson capture Amanda’s heart, but can he do so before she learns the truth of his brazen charade?
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