David Allen

Stanislavski For Beginners

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Stanislavski (1863 – 1938) was the first person to develop a cogent and practical system of acting. Throughout his life he sought the answers to some fundamental questions: What is great acting? Is there a grammar of acting? Can it be taught? What are the steps you should go through to create a character? How can you find inspiration at every performance?Stanislavski remains the most important influence on actor training today. And yet many of his ideas are little known or even misunderstood. STANISLAVSKI FOR BEGINNERS charts the development of the Stanislavski system. It shows how it grew from his own practice as an actor and director. It includes a clear exposition of the key elements of the system, such as relaxation, concentration, emotion, memory, units and objectives and the superobjective. Finally, the book explores the Method of Physical Actions, which he worked on in the years before his death and which he called "e;the result of my whole life's work"e;. STANISLAVSKI FOR BEGINNERS is both an invaluable guide to the Stanislavski system and a fascinating chronicle of his life. It shatters some common myths and misconceptions and blows away the cobwebs, bringing his ideas vividly to life.
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