Gini Graham Scott

How to Find and Work with a Good Ghostwriter

Thousands of people use ghostwriters, including well-known celebrities, speakers, corporate leaders, government officials, and others.  They don’t have time to do their own writing.  They commonly provide the ghostwriter with some ideas about what to say, and the ghostwriter puts those ideas together into an organized piece of writing.  The author or speaker gets to approve whatever is written, and then the writing is presented as his or her own.
HOW TO FIND AND WORK WITH A GOOD GHOSTWRITER discusses the steps involved in finding and collaborating with a good ghostwriter on blogs, articles, books, scripts, and other materials.  It features these topics:
— Why work with a ghostwriter
— How do you find a ghostwriter?
— Working out any agreements and contracts
— What to prepare for your book, script or blog
— Creating an outline for your book or script
— Working together on your project
— What to do when things don’t work out
— Other ways a ghostwriter can help you
— An appendix with sample contracts, NDAs, synopses and proposals

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