Tasha Belle

Beginning With Myself: A Simple Guideline for Personal Development and Healing

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From a very young age the author understood that mental and emotional healing were very tough processes. Many of us find it hard to take responsibility for our short comings. Very often we find it even more difficult to take the necessary steps to begin the process. After experiencing many tumultuous relationships with friends, family and romantic partners, the Author pulled back and analyzed every situation and learned something from it. She continues to apply these lessons to many aspects of her life. Beginning with Myself outlines some very beneficial steps that can be taken in order to become a more self aware individual when dealing with challenging times. The pointers in Beginning with Myself, also serve as a very helpful guide for emotional healing and personal growth.
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    Great book highly recommend to those who are seeking to improve their out look in their life

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    When we experience hurt, pain, or a traumatic event part of us gets injured, or breaks. Through our healing process, we may think that we are healed because mentally we have said to ourselves, ‘“I feel fine, I'm over it”, and things of that sort. We may find however, if we are in a given situation, something might trigger a certain response in us. This ultimately means that we are not fully healed. This is why it’s so important to face whatever feelings we might have, head on. When we address our feelings, and try to grow and heal through it, the odds of us letting go and being completely healed are greater.
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    We also have to understand that not every bad thing that happens to us is a lesson from karma. Many times bad things happen because we are not fully present and we make poor decisions.
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    Also, be cautious as to who you allow in your mental and emotional space.

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