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What is Meditation

WHAT IS MEDITATION? The question is answered here in 38 ways — irreverent, provocative, insightful, profound. Those who have avoided meditation because it seems too serious and holy might enjoy discovering it can be “Fun.” The resolutely secular can entertain the notion that it's “Scientific” and an “Experiment.” And the skeptical might even be persuaded that it's “Cool.” Whatever category you fall into, here's an opportunity to loosen the bindings of your preconceived notions of what meditation is, and begin to approach it with more playfulness and joy.
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    Life is purposeless. Don’t be shocked. The whole idea of purpose is wrong — it comes out of greed. Life is a sheer joy, a playfulness, a fun, a laughter, to no purpose at all. Life is its own end, it has no other end. The moment you understand it you have understood what meditation is all about. It is living your life joyously, playfully, totally, and with no purpose at the end, with no purpose in view, no purpose there at all. Just like small children playing on the sea beach, collecting seashells and colored stones — for what purpose? There is no purpose at all.
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    Meditation transforms. It takes you to higher levels of consciousness and changes your whole lifestyle. It changes your reactions into responses to such an extent that it is unbelievable that the person who would have reacted in the same situation in anger is now acting in deep compassion, with love — in the same situation.
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    God is not an ascetic, otherwise there would be no flowers, there would be no green trees, only deserts. God is not an ascetic, otherwise there would be no song in life, no dance in life — only cemeteries and cemeteries.
    God is not an ascetic; God enjoys life.

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