Vincent Gabriel

Success In the Indian Eatery

The author focusses on the delights of the food to be offered to the customer.
“Indian” food is meant to excite the senses, as it is colourful, it is tasty and making it is a joy. To the food entrepreneur indian food causes so much joy to you that I have included Unit 13 because I am afraid that the joy will carry you to beyond the limits to sheer exhaustion and a sense that you or your food is not fully appreciated.
So you need to be on guard against those who only choose one aspect and push that one aspect to its ultimate end. I am referring to those who misinterpret Indian food as being chilli hot. The truth is that chilli is just one aspect of that food. Other interpretations may include the slowness of the cooking. Another aspect of Indian food is to provide a large variety of fresh food from fish to vegetables to meat and to fruit.
All Indian food is about communal and personal enjoyment.
Keep up the good work of spreading the sensual joy of Indian food to the far flung corners of the world.
I wish you every success in your endeavours.
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