Richard Whiteside

The Screenwriting Quick Start

Building upon his previous book, The Screenwriting Life, Rich Whiteside delivers another marvelous insider look at the screenwriting industry. The Screenwriting Quick Start is written from the heart in a fast-paced, conversational-style that delivers tip after tip for the first-time screenwriter. Whiteside explores rarely talked about vagaries of Hollywood careers.
The Screenwriting Quick Start is based upon insights from more than a hundred interviews with studio executives, screenwriters, producers, directors, showrunners, and more than twenty-five years of personal experience working in and around Hollywood.
While there is no guaranteed way to launch a Hollywood screenwriting career, it helps to know the basics of the lay of the land. Read and learn: Tips on selecting your first scriptwriting book, strategies for breaking in that have worked for others, networking ideas, insider notes about pitching from major studio development executives, and the inner workings of network television and feature film development
The Screenwriting Quick Start bridges the knowledge gap between writing your first script and taking your first decisive steps towards the industry.
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