Alan Moon

Alan Turing and Enigma Machine

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Read the amazing life of this English mathematician and logician, Alan Turing, who helps crack the Enigma code during World War II.

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    Anastasia Savinamembuat kutipan4 tahun yang lalu
    In 1999, Time Magazine named Turing as one of the 100 Most Important People of the 20th century and stated: "The fact remains that everyone who taps at a keyboard, opening a spreadsheet or a word-processing program, is working on an incarnation of a Turing machine."
    Anastasia Savinamembuat kutipan4 tahun yang lalu
    The logo of Apple Computer is often erroneously referred to as a tribute to Alan Turing, with the bite mark a reference to his death. Both the designer of the logo and the company deny that there is any homage to Turing in the design of the logo. Stephen Fry has recounted asking Steve Jobs whether the design was intentional, saying that Jobs' response was, "God, we wish it were."
    Anastasia Savinamembuat kutipan4 tahun yang lalu
    The Queen then officially pronounced Turing pardoned in August 2014. The Queen's action is only the fourth royal pardon granted since the conclusion of World War II.

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