Pilar Orti

Hi I'm Here for a Recording

“They're ready for you in the studio.” The streets of London are relentless during rush hour. Even more so for a voiceover artist running late for the biggest audition of her career. As Pilar walks the narrow path of Euston Road, she realises she hasn't read the brief. But then again, how important is the brief?
Being a Spanish voiceover artist in a competitive city is hard when challenges are plenty and opportunities few. Read stories of success and setback as a freelancer in this telling account of everyday life. From the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to a major audition for a popular cartoon series. Walk with her. Find out why Pilar's voiceover career revealed more about herself than anything else and how these insights helped her to discover a new passion for podcasting. This is an honest and funny account, which explores the permanence of memory, personal relationships, and the value of self-discovery in pursuit of a dream job.
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