Arnette Lamb

Border Lord

“An excellent tale of high adventure. Colorful characters come alive against a backdrop of espionage and intrigue (Sherrilyn Kenyon, #1 New York Times–bestselling author).
Lady Miriam MacDonald comes to Scotland seeking peace between the Scots and the English—instead, she gets the admiration of two men. The kindly, awkward laird of Kildalton Castle becomes a trusted friend, but the dashing and mysterious Border Lord, disguised by midnight’s cloak, becomes much, much more.
Behind Duncan Kerr’s disguise is a lifetime of anguish. Relinquishing his birthright as laird of Kildalton for the role of Border Lord could cost him his future, but Duncan knows that if his true identity is discovered by the beautiful Lady Miriam, he will lose the thing he holds most dear—her heart.
“Arnette Lamb has a tremendous gift for writing genuine, warm, humorous, sensual love stories. Border Lord is stupendous!” —RT Book Reviews
“Fun . . . Paced at breakneck speed. What makes this book special are the main characters . . . A strong liberated lady trying to negotiate for peace between the warring factions [and a hero that’s like] Zorro with a Scots burr.” —Romance Heart to Heart
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