Arnold Bennett

How to Live on 24 Hours a Day (A Classic Guide to Self-Improvement)

You have to live on twenty-four hours of daily time. Out of it you have to spin health, pleasure, money, content, respect, and the evolution of your immortal soul. This timeless classic is one of the first self-help books ever written and was a best-seller in both England and America. It remains as useful today as when it was written, and offers fresh and practical advice on how to make the most of the daily miracle of life.
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    Adelina Daniyarovamembagikan kesan3 tahun yang lalu
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    That's the book to read. Very important statements that still work for our century. Love it!

    Ibtisam Bhattimembagikan kesan3 tahun yang lalu

    I do not tend to read much philosophy, and largely steer away from self-help books or those on "mindfulness", but Arnold Bennett's How to Live on Twenty-Four Hours a Day looked as though it was worth a read.

    Arinamembagikan kesan3 tahun yang lalu
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    Perhaps, the best self book there is.


    faizamaalimmembuat kutipan7 tahun yang lalu
    Mind control is the first element of a full existence.
    Valeria grmembuat kutipan4 tahun yang lalu
    In the realm of time there is no aristocracy of wealth, and no aristocracy of intellect.
    Agila Tanirbergenovamembuat kutipan6 tahun yang lalu
    Can you deny that when you have something definite to look forward to at eventide, something that is to employ all your energy—the thought of that something gives a glow and a more intense vitality to the whole day?

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