Adam Edwards

Swing Trading for Beginners

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How to capture the right swing in the market and create wealth with the most beginner-friendly type of trading

How many times have you seen a stock trading app pop up on your phone screen?

How many times have you pressed the “on” button on your TV and been bombarded with flashy numbers at the bottom of your screen?

Until now, you have no idea what all these graphics, numbers and talks about bull and bear markets mean.

Yet, knowing how many people have already invested and been successful with stocks creates the fear of missing out on additional income streams.

Everyone who wants to savvily invest their first extra $1 chooses the stock market because these people know, with the right strategy $1 can easily be worth $10+.

You are curious how millions of people create a fortune through stock investments on a daily basis, but you get intimidated by the unlimited options on the stock market.

Don’t worry. Let me tell you something.

There is one type of trading that is stress-free and so simple every high school student could turn into a Wall Street Wolf.

Swing trading is a short term-trading method where you usually keep your stocks between 2 to 6 days.

In comparison with the day trader who has to sell his stocks within 1 day to make profits, you have enough time to think about the right move and not lose money from a “spur of the moment” decision.

It can be really stressful to watch several screens at the same time and catch the exact right moment to close out your stocks. In that case, trading turns into a full-time job. If you are more interested in a part-time trading business to explore the stock market and work with proven expert strategies, then swing trading is the right choice for you.

Short time trading is perfect for everyone who doesn’t want to jump into the trading business with a sack of gold and rather start with smaller investments.

In “Swing Trading For Beginners”, you’ll discover:

* A step-by-step plan to succeed with swing trading from the get-go

4 different kinds of people that will help you beat the Wolf of Wall Street

The beginners trading dictionary to keep the bear away and take the bull by the horns

The latest stock trends and how to predict the next buzz before anyone else

The most reliable stocks and how to invest in a $5 billion company

* 3 real examples for stocks you shouldn’t miss out on

5 alternative financial instruments to invest in

How to simulate trading to build a safe and profitable strategy for your first real investment

The typical day in a swing traders life

How to avoid false breakouts and cut out losses

And much more.

Even if the gains in short term trading are smaller, you will benefit from cutting your losses much quicker than with any other type of trading.

This allows you to take your first step into trading and discover different strategies until you find the one that works the best for you.

Trading is all about planning and has nothing to do with gambling or online poker.

If you follow the experts' step-by-step roadmap, trading is a promising long term business to create the extra financial comfort you’ve been looking for.

If you want to take your first footstep into swing trading, then you need this book today!
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