Louisa May Alcott

Eight Cousins

Life with seven boy cousins isn't quite what Rose expected. Left an orphan after her father's death, Rose Campbell is sent to live at the “Aunt Hill” with her six aunts and seven rowdy boy cousins. For someone who is used to a girl's boarding school, it all seems pretty overwhelming. Her guardian, Uncle Alec, makes her eat healthy things like oatmeal, and even tries to get her to give up her pretty dresses for drab, sensible clothes. Will Rose ever get used to her uncle's crazy notions and all her noisy relatives?
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    lugubrious sniff and a solemn wag of the funereal bonnet,
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    friend in all their tender trials and delights.
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    Uncle Mac was a merchant, very rich and busy, and as quiet as a mouse at home

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