Paolo di Orazio,Alessandro Manzetti

The Monster, the Bad and the Ugly

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From two of the most visionary Italian minds, a collection of twenty horror stories where you will meet good and evil of every age, from the dusty streets of the old wild west up to the present and into the future. Soldiers, bandits, victims and executioners, she-devils, sinners, demons, zombies, and freaks haunt the New World shedding blood, evoking Death, damning and destroyed souls, while the vultures circling to target their prey. You’ll become very familiar with Mamatilda, the bloody star of a graphic novel, who makes her debut in this book.But who is she? The Boogeyman’s sister? But that’s not all, the hands of time are moving forward, and serial killers, cannibals, psychos, and evil people mark new horror borders in the world today and in the future, becoming the armed wing of an unstoppable, spectral apocalypse.The AuthorsAlessandro Manzetti is the author of more than twenty books in Italian and english. His dark poetry collections “Venus Intervention” and “Eden Underground” were nominated for the Bram Stoker Award.Six of his stories were recommended by Ellen Datlow in The Best Horror of the Year Volume 7 (2014). Website: www.alessandromanzetti.netPaolo Di Orazio is the author of more than twenty books in Italian. His well known fiction includes the collection “Primi Delitti” and “Madre Mostro”.His story “Hell” was recommended by Ellen Datlow in The Best Horror of the Year Volume 7 (2014).Both authors are HWA Active Members and live in Rome (Italy).
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