Jonathan Reuvid

Business Guide to the United Kingdom

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This new publication in the series
from Legend Business provides an authoritative and essential guide to the
post-referendum business climate in the United Kingdom together with outlines
of the laws, business regulations and practices that affect those looking to do
business in the UK. The Guide also focuses on the impact of the 2016 decision
to leave the European Union on both businesses in the UK and prospects for post-Brexit international trade.

Aimed at businesses of all sizes,
from multinationals to SMEs, the Guide offers in-depth briefings on the
technical aspects of investment, business start-ups and UK markets beyond the EU, such as:

Grants and incentives
Department for International Trade support
Company formation
Financial reporting
Business taxation
Commercial law Intellectual property
Employment law Pensions
Mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures
Infrastructure investment opportunities
Key global markets for UK international trade
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