George Saoulidis


A Curious Case Of Eudaemonia
Tron meets Inside Out in this funny sci-fi thriller.
When an ordinary guy’s implanted devices are reset after a construction accident that costs him his arm, the daemons in charge of his electronics are just trying to do their job as usual. But will they manage to keep their user happy and alive, when every bit of info they uncover becomes another part of a mystery, when it becomes clear that someone is framing him for murder and when a corporation is sending a snake charmer assassin after him?

Inspired by Aristophanes' Clouds (Nefeles) and a little bit of «Inside Out," this fast-paced action-thriller delivers computer jokes along with an interesting tale of redemption.
From ScifiSelect: “This humorous look into the Internet of Things is equal parts exiting and worrisome.” 
Do you want to know what’s next for the poor daemons? Do you wanna meet the User? Then read a curious case of eudaemonia in this unique sci-fi action thriller.
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