R. Michael Haigwood

Primrose U.S.M.C. First Tour

“The Corps was the best thing that ever happened to me. I'd like to give back and serve my country again,” explains former Marine corporal, Zachary Taylor Primrose, to the recruiting officer. But Primrose has a hidden agenda: to find out what happened to a trio of musicians, including his wife, Rhonda, who disappeared on a USO tour near the border of Laos. There hasn't been a concerted effort to rescue the group, and in his gut, he knows there's more to this than just a routine kidnapping.

Can Primrose circumvent the bureaucracy and secretly put together a clandestine team of misfits, including Heto, an Okinawan tracker; Tom Toms, a Native American who listens to his shamans, and T.C. Champion, an explosives expert currently in the brig for blowing up a Saigon whorehouse. Can they save the lives of three Americans before it's too late?

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