Kaif Shaikh

The Great Genius Man

Mohammed Kaif Saniulla Shaikh was written this book. He was live in Titwala, Thane, Maharashtra, India. I am has 14 years old age. I am only for 8th standard studying. But, my knowledge of computer science, hacking, physics, Quantum physics & mechanics to use this book.
My grammer was not good and not english good. But, my strength and smart inteligence  to make this type of book.
This is the my first book in my life written. My many more of other types of field knowledge. Me expect more to more books written in future.
I am written in future of team work of ‘Bigbillion’ superhero. My interest and hobbies in basic computer science, basic ethical hacking, advance business and economics, advance personality development, advance physocology, advance quantum physics, advance quantum timeliners, basic of electrical engineering and basic of information on dimensions there many such types of my knowledges. So, in the future me written these all of knowledges categories of book.
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