Dee Adams

Finding Your Niche

A million new businesses will start each year in North America and 60 percent will begin at home,

according to government statistics. However, experts

agree that the long-term success rate tends to be

poor — only two out of every 10 new businesses will


Many people choose the wrong kinds of self-employment: ventures that don't fit their true skills or talents.

Now a new book has been developed to address these

issues. By reading it, budding entrepreneurs will

learn how to answer such crucial questions as: “Which

business should I start?” and “What business is most

likely to thrive?”

Finding Your Niche: Discover a Profitable Idea

for a Business at Home-or Elsewhere
covers the common mistakes and pitfalls that confront would-be

entrepreneurs. Articles by industry and academic veterans are included. Written in a seriocomic style, the book offers valuable ideas that will help you to uncover a winning idea or plan a specific startup. And you will save time and money.

Features: Adobe Digital PDF, printing, hyperlinks, advanced navigation, word search, bookmarks, and highlighting.

For more information, visit http://www.nichecreativity.com


As a writer, Dee Adams researches the overlooked

aspects of business and consumer subjects. She has been involved in start-ups for more than 20 years, counseled new business owners, written and published business literature for consumers, and more than 70 university, community college, and public libraries across the country. Her collection of ideas for finding a niche has been featured in specialized publications such as the California Job Journal.
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