Ms.Shikha Nautiyal

Introduction to Computers

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Introduction to Computers is an effort made with an interactive and hands on approach to communicate the essential aspects of computers. The book targets children of all ages. Interesting fun characters make the learning a fun process for readers.
Features of the Book:
Assessment Exercises: Each unit of the book contains interesting lesson-end assessment exercise to assess and examine your understanding and grasp over the subject.
Computer Trivia: This part of the book gives an interesting outlook of the vast computer world
and some factual knowledge regarding computers.
Did you know: This portion provides information related to historical aspects of computer
world. Developmental features of computers are also highlighted.
Hands on Activity: Learning is made a fun process through incorporating hands on activity
between lessons.
Let's dwell: At the lesson end this section deals with more inquisitive information related to the
world of computers and gives you scope of further though process.
More to Learn: This additional feature is an add-on knowledge regarding the text being taught.
Special Feature: It's an extension to the topic dealt with the lesson.
What is Means? Some special terms in the text are defined systematically for better
Introduction to Computers will help children to make computers a handy companion in all real-lif

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