Mohammad Amin Sheikho,A.K.John Alias Al-Dayrani

Stories of the Scholar Mohammad Amin Sheikho – Part Five

Mohammad Amin Sheikho
Birth: 1890 A.D.
Death: 1964 A.D.
Precept: Interpretation of the Holy Qur'an

— Introduction — Stories of the Scholar — Part 5 — The Dignity of a Believing Officer.
— His Enemies Confessed to His Excellence.
— The Officer, a Repentant Criminal and a Chicken Coop.
— Danger Overcome on the Al-Qaboon Highway.
— Obsequious Behaviour Is not Tolerated.
— Superior Intelligence Resolves a Difficult Situation.
— The False Penitent Will Never Succeed.
— The Minister of War Yusuf Al— 'Azma and the Battle of Maysalun.
— The Tale of a Good Butcher and a Bad Butcher.
— The French Woman Learns the Reason for the Veil.
— Defending the Sheikh against a Murderous Mob.
— The Governor of the Castle Ensures Stability within Its Walls.
— Occasional Marital Privacy for Prisoners.
— The Irreverent Grocer Is Foiled.
— Prisoner in the Castle or Guest of Honour?
— A Complex Story of Punishment, Rebellion and Mercy.
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