Vincent Gabriel

Halal Eateries Success

One of the most important aspects of food history has been the internationalisation of halal eateries. The affluence of the local Muslim market has attracted sellers from the Middle East, Pakistan and the Islamic communities to put up their food products.
If this trend goes on, Singapore can acquire the hub status of being the Halal Eatery of the world with a focus on the untapped market of China and the central Asian oil-rich republics.
My hope is that reading this book will inspire you to introduce halal eateries into yet untapped areas. Of all the F&B opportunities the halal food business, is currently, one of the best opportunities, not only in Singapore but also in China, and the oil-rich states of Central Asia. As my title indicates: “Welcome World”, and I hope you will taste Success soon.
An ideal guide for those who wants to setup a halal food business in Singapore.
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