Jay Kristoff

DEV1AT3 (Deviate)

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{"strong"=>["Book two of the thrilling new series by internationally bestselling author of The Nevernight Chronicle and the Illuminae Files"]}
{"strong"=>["‘EVERY KIND OF BADASS’", “Laini Taylor”], “br”=>[nil]}
After a battle that broke hearts, minds, and bodies, two friends find themselves on opposite sides of the same quest.
Shattered by the discovery that she is not at all who or what she believed, Eve joins forces with her new ‘siblings’. Meanwhile, Lemon finds a sense of belonging –perhaps even love — in an enclave of other genetic deviates.
But with friends and enemies, heroes and villains, wearing interchangeable faces, nothing is as it seems. Soon, Eve and Lemon are racing against each other to find a missing girl whose DNA may hold the key to saving or destroying their broken world.
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