Natasha Alessandra


Lexi, Keira, Meg and Roxy — four names otherwise known as the inner circle. In west pacific preparatory school, and even in the private school surrounding it, every body knows their name, and every body knows that they are at the top of the social ranking. It has always been this way for as long as any one can remember..well, at least from the beginning of seventh grade. So when the second semester of freshman year rolled around, no body expected anything to change in their social infrastructure.
But then, innocent newbie Taryn Rose paterkate makes an entrance at their school. And it seems like she doesn't know much about their social hierarchy, and she doesn't seem like someone who could want to shake p the whole carefully arranged system. So is it just a coincidence that, right around the time of her arrival, things start to change? As the end of freshman year rolled around, each girl learns very import lesson — and every one finds out that nothing, no matter how structured, will ever stay the same forever.
“Wonderfully written by a young teenage girl, “Brandsetters” is a brilliant book that looks into the lives of the Inner Circle girls. For all you young and aspiring fashionistas & trendsetters out there, this book is a great read and plus, it tells a more important value of friendship and love. An infinite amount of cheers to Natasha Alessandra for writing this outstanding novel that teenagers will relate to.” — Jessica Nevina
“Meet the Inner Circle” is a well written novel about the strong
frienships girls form throughout their schooling lives. The particular girls the story focuses on and their friendship seem almost unbreakable, until a ‘new girl in town’ arrives. Will The Inner Circle ever be the same? Or will things change permanently? Bravo! To Natasha for creating such a brilliant novel teenagers will understand and relate to. A great read for teenage girls.” — Kate Farrell
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