Ciro Bianchi Ross


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Fun and refreshing text. Written in colloquial language that facilitates reading and seduces us from the front pages. Ciro Bianchi, chronicles that speak for themselves giving transcendental moments of our history. The text is structured in two parts, the first describes some chapters in the life of great characters of the island: Plácido, Francisco de Miranda, Manuel García, to finish clearing the darkness that surrounds the last hours of life of José Martí. The second section allows us to go, broadly speaking, history ranging from the Republic until the beginning of the year 1959. Loaded with anecdotes and references this is a must read book for those wishing to learn about the history, a clear example of this is that in its pages we discover where slept Fidel Castro during his first night in Havana after the revolutionary triumph. No doubt agree with Nara Araujo when referring to the work of Bianchi said: “(…) their stories teach, and also delight”
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