Nicole Lapin

The Super Woman Guide to Tips, Treatments, and Therapies for Balance on a Budget

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This exclusive companion ebook to Nicole Lapin’s ultra-honest and relatable Becoming Super Woman dives into the many different trips, activities, and therapies that can help anyone move from burnout to balance.

In these pages, Lapin shares exactly where she turned when she needed to unplug and recharge. From what wellness seminars are worth considering to the exact cost of her favorite Arizona retreat, she covers all the tangible must-knows to start planning your way out of burnout.

With her signature candor and wisdom, Lapin will help you find the courage to look deep inside yourself and acknowledge what you really need. Because none of us can recover from burnout without stopping to refuel.

In her own words:

“The universe whispers until . . . it screams. At least, that’s what happened for me just before I had a breakdown. Go take care of yourself, that little voice said. Then, Go on a retreat or seminar, it said, louder. Finally, it screamed, GO AWAY! That voice didn’t mean ‘go away’ as in ‘leave me alone.’ It meant ‘go away’ as in ‘You are burnt-out and need to GTFO . . . stat.’ In this e-book, I’ll show you where that little voice took me, what I learned there, and how much my adventures really cost. That way, you, too, can collect the valuable nuggets of wisdom and important pieces of advice I collected from all around the world as I moved one mile closer to Emotional Wellness—no wallet or passport necessary.”

—Nicole Lapin
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