Nico Robbins

Surviving College

You will embarrass yourself, lose all your friends, and FAIL COLLEGE!

This is the statement most people hear inside their own head.


Being a college student, as described by most… if not all people, is absolutely BRUTAL!

You need to stay up late most of the time, you might need to eat ramen every single day, and you might need to use some nasty methods just so you can pass….

This doesn’t have to be the case for YOU.

Surviving all of these issues takes time, but at least after knowing what to do, you WON’T find yourself naked in the middle of the street, at 2 AM in the morning after some stupid frat initiation.

In fact, at the end of this book, you might even find college a little bit less INTIMIDATING…

a little less stressful…

and a bit more freakin’ Awesome!

Today, you are GOING to Discover Awesome actionable tips and hacks for college, with interesting insights you can apply FAST!

*unlike your boring classes, these guide is awe-inspiring!

This Book Talks About:

What You Should Have Asked Your Parents About College I can't find my classroom, Please Help This Poor Soul! The Best Thing About Being a College Student Adulting 101, You Hate It, But You Have To Do Them How To Save $245… Resourceful Secrets You Have To Know So Many Subjects, What Should You Do? How To Take The Boringness on Your Subjects If You Do Not Study, You Shall Not Pass (Somewhat Untrue) How To Find Friends and Relationship in the Unlikeliest of Place. You Get Used to Living Without Food How's Your Semester Going? WTF is even going on I Just Want To Graduate, When Will It End?

And much MUCH more!

Don’t wait for the first day of school to BUY this guide, you might miss a lot of actionable hacks if you do so…and that’s something you don’t want to do…

FOR YOU, I am going to throw this book in an awesome offer!
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