Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee: The Celebrated Life of the Golden Dragon

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The celebrated life of Bruce Lee in his own words, illustrated with rare family photographs and stills from his movies and television appearancesIn the pages of Bruce Lee: The Celebrated Life of the Golden Dragon, we invite you to examine the real Bruce Lee, the man behind the image—the man who was so much more than an international film and martial arts superstar. In a brilliantly assembled photographic essay compiled and edited by John Little, this history of the life and career of Bruce Lee covers Bruce from childhood to international stardom, from the charismatic public persona to the quiet family man. With a preface by Shannon Lee and a foreword by Linda Lee Cadwell, the text is drawn directly from Bruce Lee's own words, as recorded in his diaries and journals, as well as from interviews and the documentary Bruce Lee: In His Own WordsThis Bruce Lee book is part of Tuttle Publishing's Bruce Lee Library which also features:Bruce Lee's Striking ThoughtsBruce Lee's The Tao of Gung FuBruce Lee Artist of LifeBruce Lee: Letters of the DragonBruce Lee: The Art of Expressing the Human BodyBruce Lee Jeet Kune Do
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