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The Connection

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Autobiographies are usually written by eminent presidents or remarkable artists, doctors or scientists. I am none of these and yet I was asked to transmit a brief life history of all that I have lived, as we are moving into a New Era, a Cosmic Era, and the re-connection to the Inner Teacher or Divine Self, which has been lost, is essential for the formation of the new world. I am a regular person, whose only outstanding character trait perhaps, was my immense desire to serve humanity, alleviating the suffering which so blatantly pervades Earth. My life story is an example of how, if you truly desire to serve the All, you are not only given all the tools for your service, but you are handed everything on a golden platter, facilitating you in your personal and life work. This is the true story of how I was energetically awakened and guided to the connection with my higher self.
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