Rémy Ngamije,Carol Farrelly,Kanya D'Almeida

The Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2021

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The Commonwealth Short Story Prize, now in its tenth year, is one of the world's most dynamic literary honours. Spanning fifty-four countries, it is awarded for the best short fiction from the Commonwealth regions of Africa, Asia, Canada and Europe, the Caribbean and the Pacific. This collection is titled after the overall winning entry by Sri Lanka's Kanya D'Almeida — a deeply moving story in which two women, both outcasts, find a connection and share their harrowing life experiences for the first time. The other winning stories — by Rémy Ngamije (Namibia), Carol Farrelly (Scotland), Roland Watson-Grant (Jamaica), and Katerina Gibson (Australia) — are earthy, rollicking, dreamlike, disorienting … and utterly captivating.
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