Robert P DeGroot

Objection Free Selling

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The 3rd edition of this wildly popular bestseller has the same content as the previous two. The difference is in the sequencing of the Parts and Chapters. The change was made to accommodate how people use the book. We hope works for you.
Research with thousands of salespeople across industries demonstrates:

Objections that stop almost all sales are common and repetitive.
Specific Buyer Beliefs, when missing or weak cause these objections.
There are many ways to establish these beliefs to prevent the objection from even entering the prospect's mind.

Test this:

Before you buy something, this book for example, what is one thing must you believe about it?
If you don’t believe that, what objection comes to mind?
But, if you did believe that, what happens to the objection?
You just demonstrated that a missing Buyer Belief caused the objection and that when the belief is in place, the objection goes away.

Analysis reveals:

There are 10 of these critical Buyer Beliefs in which you can categorize all sales objections.
You get most of your objections in just three to five categories of missing Buyer Beliefs.
Learning how to prevent, preempt, and respond to a few objections in each category will handle all objections in that category.
It doesn’t matter which sales model you are using if you’re still getting objections.
The strategies and formulas provided work with all sales models.

In this book:

This book provides hundreds of examples of how to prevent, preempt, and respond to each of the 85 most common sales stopping objections. They are categorized by the missing Buyer Beliefs so you can easily find the ones you  Scan the list and make a note of those that are similar to the ones you get. Look them up in the book and personalize the recommendations to your sales situation.
All the selling skills necessary to implement every recommendation are included in the book.

Right now:

If you are actively engaged in selling, probability has it that you are facing sales stopping or stalling objections, the answers to which are in this book.
Could these potentially stalled or lost sales be enough to cost-justify the price of this book?
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