Rihanna: A Biography

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With striking looks and incredible vocal talent, Rihanna is arguably Barbados's biggest export in history. Since her 2005 debut album, Music Under the Sun, Rihanna has recorded twenty top-ten singles. Her third album, Good Girl Gone Bad, made Rihanna a household name. Ever the chameleon in music and fashion, Rihanna keeps her fans on the edge of their seats.

Rihanna's road to fame was a rocky one. Growing up in Barbados, she felt loved by her mother but suffered from her parents' tumultuous relationship. Her father's drug addiction often made her childhood a difficult one. In her toughest times, Rihanna found meaning in music and has never looked back.


Like all bright young stars, Rihanna is no stranger to Hollywood's rumor mill. When she first stepped onto the music scene in 2006, people linked her to her mentor Jay Z. In fact, Rihanna was still pressed by interviewers if there had a romantic connection even after Jay Z married Beyoncé. Rihanna has always dismissed rumors that they have anything beyond a professional relationship.

In 2008, though, Rihanna gave gossip columns something to talk about. First she was linked to actor Josh Hartnett. Rihanna again retorted that there was no romance between her and the actor. Soon, though, people noticed that Rihanna seemed rather chummy with fellow singer, Chris Brown. One year her junior, Chris Brown was riding high on multiple hits, including “Run It” and “With You.” Throughout 2008, Chris Brown and Rihanna were seen canoodling at awards shows and meeting up in exotic locales, like Jamaica.

Despite the obvious budding romance, Rihanna stated that they were only pals. Rihanna explained, “He makes me feel like a teenager. I have to act and think like an adult so much. He makes me feel young again.” A young, hot twenty-year-old female singer hanging out with a young, hot nineteen-year-old male singer to feel “young again?” No one was buying her story then, either. Finally, in June 2008, Rihanna admitted that she and Chris Brown were dating. At first, the media and both singers' fans looked favorably upon the romance…

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