Daphné Carthy,Victor Scholten,Xavier Pavie

Responsible Innovation

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At a time when the limits on human progress are ever-decreasing and the consequences of human actions have never been so critical to predict and manage, the responsible nature of innovations has acquired a whole new importance.
Firms now need to find the appropriate balance between achieving positive growth and performance while integrating the concept of responsible innovation at the very core of innovation strategies and processes.
Based on extensive academic research and illustrated by multiple case studies and examples, this book will help understand the challenges and issues of responsible innovation for leaders and managers. It will also provide a process for implementing responsible innovation into an organization while improving performance sustainably.
Contents:IntroductionThe Emergence of the Responsible Innovation ConceptThe Uncertain Nature of the Innovation EnvironmentA Global Integration of Responsible Innovation into OrganizationsPolicy Case for Responsible InnovationResponsible Innovation within Research and EducationAchieving Responsible Innovation and Optimizing on PerformanceConclusionReadership: Students and academics in innovation studies; managers and leaders handling innovation activities in organizations.
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