Theodore Dreiser

Jennie Gerhardt

Jennie Gerhardt, a destitute young woman, meets Senator Brander in Columbus, Ohio. He seduces her and gives her money to tide them over…
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    Drifting in this fashion, wining, dining, drinking the waters of this curative spring and that, traveling in luxurious ease and taking no physical exercise, finally altered his body from a vigorous, quick-moving, well-balanced organism into one where plethora of substance was clogging every essential function. His liver, kidneys, spleen, pancreas--every organ, in fact--had been overtaxed for some time to keep up the process of digestion and elimination. In the past seven years he had become uncomfortably heavy.
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    Letty was all ears for his troubles. She would have pillowed his solid head upon her breast in a moment if that had been possible.
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    Circumstances conspired to make her the logical solution of his mental quandary at this time.

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