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Learn English Paragraph Writing Skills

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Learn English Paragraph Writing Skills is an academic writing skills guide for International ESL students. The book is the first in a series of academic writing handbooks for international undergraduates, graduates, high school students, and mature age students of English as a second language. It was designed as supplementary guide to support IELTS and ESL students' regular English classes.

It specifically addresses academic paragraph writing skills and development. In particular, it covers:

— What academic writing is — Paragraph format and structure
— Paragraph organisation

In addition, it covers more comprehensively the areas of capitalization, punctuation, and sentence structure.

This unique academic writing skills guide will teach you good academic writing skills for university entrance. Ideal for the International ESL Student.

Get better results with Academic Writing Skills series. Write your way to BA.
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    5 Final copy
    Once you have your feedback from your peer review and completed your self-edit, you should write your final polished version using the English academic writing skills you have learned from our handbook.
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    4 Review and Edit
    As with everything we do in life, we check and review our actions. The same applies to your writing. We normally do two kinds of reviews for our writing. The first is a peer review, and the second is a self-edit.
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    3 Write your first draft
    Here you follow your outline to write your draft essay. Write it as quickly as possible, and don't worry about too many mistakes. It's OK to make some mistakes because it is only a draft. You will fix any errors in step 4.

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